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Building Products

Trident Distribution is a stocking distributor of Glass Block by Pittsburgh Corning and FRP Sheet and Trim by Sequentia.

Glass Block™
Pittsburgh Corning manufactures the best quality Glass Block in the world. All materials are made under rigorous quality controls by a company you can trust. Trident Distribution carries the largest variety of patterns and sizes of any distributor in the area. We also sell to the best installers in the area. So whether you just need to purchase block, or you need a reputable installer to complete your project, call Trident Distribution today.

Trident Distribution is the leading distributor in your area for FRP Sheets and Trim. We carry only the Sequentia brand as it's the name the industry has learned to trust. Sequentia's quality is second to none. Together, Sequentia and Trident provide the best source for all your FRP needs.